Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Collaborative problem solving - Capacitar emergency kits

Many approaches to children's challenges focus on helping kids deal with emotional stress so that they can think straight. Collaborative problem solving helps kids to think straight so that they avoid emotional stress.

However , when we as parents or our kids are stressed out with an onslaught of negative thoughts, it is impossible to use ' thinking ' , no matter how positive to change our negative thought patterns and relieve our stress.

We need to first use ' Mindfulness' -  see mindfulness for kids 2 , Coping Skills and other techniques mentioned in the Capacitar Emergency Kit to clear our minds and prepare them to engage in creative thinking and collaborative problem solving.

The Emergency Kit was Capacitar's response to the trauma of Hurricane Katrina. The kit includes simple basic practices taught by Capacitar to empower people to deal with the stress of challenging situations. Practices include: Tai Chi, Finger holds, EFT, The Holds, Head-Neck-Shoulder Release, and Acupressure points for stress, crisis and depression.

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