Sunday, August 14, 2011

Let kids take their time - the power of a Pause

Collaborative problem solving  is about thinking , using hindsight, foresight, reflection, planning, problem solving etc.
 We all , and especially kids need time to think and reflect. 

Kids may also not have the words to articulate their concerns or share information about a problem that is not on the tip of their tongues. After our initial inquiry on the empathy step = gathering information about the kid's concerns  …  ' I have noticed that …...when….. , what's up  ? or asking for elaboration or clarification – ' can you tell me more ?' 

We can add   '  Please take your time , there is no hurry "

see the video clip Silence = time to think

When we talk with kids ,  they should do the speaking and we the listening , directing the conversation conversation with dialog questions. We need to be patient and give kids time to think.

When we do speak , we can ' pause ' a lot , giving kids time to take in the information , process it and even using ' consequential or sequential thinking ' to predict or suggest answers   as to what comes next.

In a blog article Carol Subramani Pause that makes all the difference

shows how using pause can promote reflection and thinking. The pause - should become part of our vocab, an essential part of conversation.

Let us all take some to time to pause, think and reflect before we respond.


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