Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hugs and massages - leads to cooperation and trust

Dan Ariely shares some research on why we should try and respond to people's needs for physical contact.
I agree that this can help to improve relationships where physical contact is actually appropriate.

Some kids who suffer from SI or SPD - sensory processing disorder or integration crave for others to touch and hug them. . This calms them down and makes them more relaxed.  . It must be noted that some kids don't like to be touched and often react in a negative way.

Looking at the big picture it  seems that we all can benefit from a hug or even better a massage. A massage
increases the amount of oxytocin in the bloodstream,  and makes us more trusting , it also decreases levels of the hormones cortisol (released during stress) and vasopressin (linked to aggression and cortisol release).
'The contact makes people feel secure and safe from harm.
Being physically touched, whether with a kneading massage or a comforting pat on the shoulder, seems to encourages cooperative behavior.

So maybe we should spend more time cuddling up with our kids and having turns to give each other massages.


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