Sunday, July 25, 2010

Social Skills Part 2

For successful social interactions Kids need to have the following skills.

Attend to and/or accurately interpret both verbal and non-verbal social cues and nuances

Seek attention in appropriate ways

Appreciate how one’s behavior affects other people (vs often
surprised by others’ responses)

Empathize with others, appreciating and taking another person’s perspective or point of view into account

Appreciate how one or one's behavior is coming across or being perceived by others

Appreciate how one's behavior is affecting other people

Ability to attribute the likely motives to other people's behavior and interpret the behavior correctly in terms of the context

Having a wide repertoire of social responses

Pragmatic skills like knowing how to start a conversation, enter into a group , being reciprocal , keep a conversation going and explore issues

Links and resources - Social skills Jarvis Clutch – Social Spy by Mel Levine - I laugh model of Social Cognition social skills


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